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What’s a Painting Class Like?

Can’t draw a stick man? Never picked up a paintbrush before? No problem! Every painting class at Holly’s Wine and Paint is designed for fun.

Spend time...

It’s a chance for you to spend time with family and friends, relax, and enjoy a creative night out. We welcome all skill and ability levels to our studio, from the totally terrified to the creative genius.

Our classes usually last around two to three hours. Everything is provided for you in your registration fee. All you have to do is show up! When you arrive at our Saskatoon studio, you’ll see every work space set up with a canvas, apron, easel, brushes, paint, and any other art supplies needed for the piece. A glass of wine, beer, or pop is included, too. You’ll get all of this, plus my professional instruction, for the awesome price of $45.

with family...

When you take your seat, you’ll notice that your canvas is prepped with a line drawing. This means no drawing experience is necessary. I want you to have fun in my studio and take home a piece of art that you’ll enjoy. My goal is to keep the frustration factor to a minimum in every painting class. I go through everything step by step regardless of the class’s level of difficulty. I promise my instructions are easy to follow, even if you’ve had a few cocktails!

But even though I’ll walk you through your painting, I always encourage creativity. You’re welcome to change any aspect of the project if you’d like, including the colors and details of the design. Plus, I always have blank canvases on hand. If you want to do your own thing, just let me know!

and friends!

Classes start at 6:30pm. I recommend that you come a bit early to get your spot and your cocktail. You won’t want to miss a minute of your painting class at Holly’s Wine and Paint!

Fun Times!

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